Step 1: Application Preparation

  • Identity documents: birth certificate, national ID card, passport.
  • Mariage proof: marriage certificate, divorce, single status documents.
  • Family-related documents, financial proof: household book, labor contract, business registration.

Step 2: Create an online account

Apply for a visa online to IRCC at or

  • Go into, create a GCKey account. Memorize the security questions for the next login.
  • Log into your GCKey account to start a new application, you can apply for a visitor visa, student visa, express entry. If you want to apply for short term visa then go to the visitor visa section then answer the questions.
  • You need to prove to the Consular that you are eligible to obtain a visa so it is not a surprise if you get declined even when you have all the required documents. Besides the compulsory documents, you can add supporting documents in the Optional Documents.

You can proceed to pay by visa card and wait for 1-2 days to do a biometrics.

Step 3: Biometrics Test

  • Biometrics Test is compulsory for all applicants. After submitting your online application, you will be asked to perform one.
  • To conduct the test, you will need to book an appointment with CVAC and print the Biometrics Test Letter and bring your passport with you.

Note: You don’t have to pay any more fees at CVAC, CVAC is just an application process center, not Consular so confidently proceed according to instructions in the appointment confirmation. Keep a receipt after the biometrics test and wait for the result, CVAC will automatically transfer the test information to the Consular.

Step 4: Receive your application result online

  • You will need to wait approximately 4-6 weeks to receive the result.
  • If passport is requested – Congratulations on getting your visa.
  • Print the letter and go to CVAC to submit your passport to get your visa glued into it without having to book an appointment. After 5-7 days, CVAC will return your passport to your registered address.
  • Duration of stay depends on the validity of your visa, or 1 year depending on each case.