Canada is attracting a large volume of Vietnamese students due to its migration policies and qualified education system. However, as a developed country, the living cost is the biggest obstacle to some of the students. Some tips to apply for scholarships in this beautiful country are gathered by ISA through a long year of experience.

Step 1: Do research

You can look up the official website of the University, College, and High School in Canada for available scholarships. Besides, you can also search for more information via the website of the Canada Government at

Step 2: Determine the goals and your strengths

Look for institutes with scholarships available for your field of study. If you have already chosen a University, then continue your search to find a suitable scholarship. Besides that, you should determine your final career goals and your ability to identify the most fitting course.

Note: Apply for a Scholarship to high ranking Canadian University equals to high competitive rate and lower the chance of getting your desired scholarship.

Step 3: Prepare your Application

  • School report, Transcript, and latest Graduation certificate
  • IELTS/TOEFL Certificate or similar
  • Certificate of Merits, Extracurriculars/Public Works/Projects Certificate (not required)
  • CV/Resume
  • Personal Essay
  • Recommendation Letter

Step 4: Apply for Scholarship

After finalizing all the required documents and choosing a suitable scholarship program, you can proceed to apply for it. Some universities will interview before deciding. However, be comfortable and prepare carefully since it might just be a short exchange to share about yourself, your future goals, and your dream career.

ISA Education Counselor will update you with valuable scholarships from our partners and assist you in completing the application in the fastest, cheapest and effective way.