Step 1: Research

This is the first and most important step before deciding to apply for an American Visa. You need to determine the course that you want to major in, the institute, location, your financial capabilities to afford a year of study in America…

Determine your study plan as accurately as you can to give out a great impression to the Consular during your interview to increase the success rate and get closer to the “American Dream”.

Step 2: Enrolment Letter

Depending on your level of study (High School, College – University, Master’s) and the chosen field, each institute will have different requirements in place. However, most American schools usually ask for English proficiency and student’s result over the past years. Documents required to enroll include:

  • A valid passport
  • Student’s result for the past 2-4 years & related documents
  • English Certificate:
    1. IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Duolingo…
    2. SAT/ACT for undergraduate program
    3. GMAT/GRE for postgraduate program
  • Other Certificate (if available)
  • Account balance, afford at least 1-year of study fees

After accepting the enrolment application, the institute will then send you the Enrolment Letter (I-20)

Step 3: Apply for Visa

Visa application required documents include:

  • 5×5 photo (international standard, white background, no glasses)
  • Original copy of passport (including your old passport)
  • Filled DS-160 form (online form)
  • Confirmation of SEVIS fee paid
  • Receipt of interview fee paid
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Enrolment Letter (I-20)
  • Other documents: Birth Certificate, National ID card, Household book.
  • Academic profile:
    1. School report/transcript of the latest years (Original)
    2. Graduation Certificate (If already graduated from High school/University – College).
    3. English Certificate, Certificate of Merit, Learning Certificate, Sports/Extracurriculars Certificate (if available)
  • Financial proof: each person has a unique financial record, contact ISA to get a personal consultation. Financial proof usually asks for these types of documents:
    1. Saving book
    2. Proof of your employment, parents, or main sponsor
    3. Land and house rights or other documents on ownership of valuable property
    4. Other financial proofs

Benefits of choosing ISA to assist with your application

ISA will accompany you throughout the applying process, from preparation until getting the result of your application. Tackle spotlights and finalize your application.

With many years of experience in consulting and assisting with Student Visa, ISA will guide you to complete your application to receive the best result


  • Consult your most suitable learning pathway free of charge.
  • Consult you on fields of study, the institute, accommodation, international payment
  • Advice you on the best learning pathway with the lowest cost.
  • Finalize procedures, prepare an application to enroll, and apply for a student visa.
  • Assist you in practicing interviews to avoid potential mistakes, and boost your confidence in answering Consular’s questions.
  • Share information on the available scholarship, financial support.
  • Full guidance before leaving for America.
  • Full support during the study process in America and other countries.
  • Support in applying for a relative visa
  • Extend visa