Why Australia is a favorite destination for overseas students?

1. Quality education

Every level of education in Australia is built by experts in that particular field, designed to meet the needs of the society and of the professions and workers, and also oriented toward the developing goals of the country.

2. Qualified education

Education is the main focus of the Australian Government. Therefore, there is legislation regarding the quality of the education provided. For example, Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, addresses the need to register the institute and the course when the education provider wants to provide this type of service to international students. Schools and Institutes must meet the requirements about the registration listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students – CRICOS.

3. Internationally recognized Degree

Secondary Certificate is globally recognized so students can enroll in any University worldwide. Australian University is famous for their teaching quality, and research, and many of them are listed in the top 50 universities, and also the top 100 – 200 and 500. Australian scientists and researchers have been awarded many important research achievements, and international rewards, including 8 Nobel Prizes.

4. Advanced teaching and studying approaches

Teaching and studying methods mainly are: student-centered, encouraging students to think, reflect and apply learned knowledge creatively and independently. The learner is guided to put theories into reality in their learning process to verify the theories learned. Therefore, graduated students have a strong basic and specialized knowledge and equip themselves with experiences to join the workforce.

5. Flexible education system

Secondary and university students can study multiple courses at the same time and the final result is recognized by every institute. In college and university, you can study double majors with the same teaching quality. Changing between major and courses is easy and flexible.

6. Affordable cost

While the study fees and living costs in Australia are slightly higher than the other nations in the same area, it is considered affordable when compared to countries with the same teaching quality like the UK, Canada, USA,…

7. Study in English

Australia’s official language is English, therefore, both secondary and university offer a great opportunity to make use of your English skills and improve it every day. English course from independent English language center and/or school, college, the university is equipped with modern equipment, library to support a student in developing their English skills. Australians are friendly and do not hesitate to assist you in learning English.

8. Safe and secure learning environment

Australia is a safe country with political stability, low criminal rates, gun control legislation and the residents work and live according to the laws, with no racial or religious discrimination; Australia also has a high opinion on the diversity of culture and society that the overseas students brought into the country. University and organizations – individuals take great care of the overseas students and help them adapt to the Australian lifestyle. Australians are open-minded and friendly, students that live with the locals naturally experience Australian life and usually get treated like family members.

9. Located near Vietnam

It only takes 8 hours to fly from Vietnam to Australia, so you can travel back to your home country at any time. Take a look at the maps to accurately locate Australia and the distance between it and your country.

10. Job opportunity and Migration

Since 2012, students in secondary, college, and university are permitted to work 40 hours/2 weeks, which does not apply to Ph.D. students. After graduating, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s students can apply for a visa to work in Australia for 02 years, 03 years for Ph.D., and 04 years for Doctorate’s Degree. Though choosing to study abroad as a pathway to migration is not recommended, the Government does have a friendly migration policy for international students that meet the requirements – Skilled migration.

11. Government Support

Australian Government passes laws to protect the rights of students allowing them to develop their abilities, like recognizing Degree from other countries, and request universities to comply with the educational requirements when providing the said service to overseas students. Besides that, maintaining the rights and the services that students can benefit from, helps them to adapt to Australia’s lifestyle, reach their goals and satisfy with the overall learning experiences. There should also be associations to guide students and provide support.

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