Top reasons to pursue your study in America in 2022

It was never easy to decide to study abroad, especially when considering the destination. America has always been one of the top choices for overseas students. However, to finalize your decision to become an American student, it is essential to understand every aspect of the process to better prepare everything.

The 6 reasons below are why you should consider America as a place to further your study.

1. Diverse study plans

Studying abroad in America could be a wonderful adventure, but it will depend on where and what you choose to study. Do some basic research about American universities to ensure that you will choose the most suitable one. And most importantly, you should carefully assess your interests before making any decision on the fields of study that you want to engage in.

Some common Degree in America:

Associate’s Degree

Mostly for a 2-year duration course. It can go by other names such as:

  • Associate of Arts (A.A), relates to the Human Sciences area (not Art related)
  • Associate of Science (A.S), for students’ interest in Science
  • Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S), used in Engineering. Most public universities and technology institutes offer this kind of program.

Associate’s Degree in Transfer Program is designed to allow students to complete the first two years of a 4-year Degree (B.A, B.S – Bachelor Degrees), offered at Public Universities. An associate’s Degree provides a means to access various career and study opportunities. Being the fastest pathway with a low cost, it allows you to cut down the total cost of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Broward Vietnam is currently employing the educating model 2+2: 02 years in Vietnam + 02 years in America to receive the 4-year Bachelor’s Degree. Save 68% on the total cost compared to studying full-time in America. After completing the first 2 years in Broward Vietnam, students then will receive a globally recognized Associate’s Degree before transferring to America. In Broward Vietnam, students can study core subjects, major subjects, and electives. In case students want to change their pathway, it can be done after arriving in America without hassle.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) and Bachelor of Sciences (B.S) is a common choices. Requirements to obtain involve completing General Education, Major, and Electives. Some programs also offer specialized Degree like B.F.A (Fine Arts) or Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch). There will be no actual difference between each Degree whether it is provided by a different University.

2. Objectivity and Reality in America’s study environment

America offers students a comfortable environment where uniform is not needed as long as it is appropriate, allows the use of computers during class, and the right to voice their opinion to educators. Students are encouraged to be creative and proactive which will eliminate the passive nature rooted in the Vietnamese education system.

The examination process and the grading system in America are strict and fair. Students need to write their essays since plagiarism will put a negative imprint on their school reports. You need to ensure meeting the set deadline consider that personal reasons will not be accepted as the reason for a late submission. To receive a good result, students should always possess a try-hard mentality.

3. Cultural diversity

For each state or city, you will receive different memorable experiences as they have a unique culture, climate, and geography. To differentiate, it is usually divided into “university town” and “big city”.

“University town” refers to an area with low density and owns a nature landscape. Places belong to this town usually for educational purposes so there won’t be much entertaining or night-life gatherings. Entertainment form involves fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing,… Residents consist of university students, staff, and lecturers so it is easy to see a familiar face down the street.

“Big city”, in the state, is high in density and urban. University will not be the main attraction since a lot of people also come here to work. Life in those cities, of course, is fancy and entertaining, however, comes with it unnecessary distractions. In some cases, it is time-costing to travel to your campus due to expensive rent in the central area.

You will have a completely different experience in “University town” and “Big City”, so you must consider a more suitable destination for your study.

4. Excellent student support

One of the main perks of studying in America is attractive student services. Staffs understand how tough it is to be in a new country so they set up various services to support students as much as possible:

  • Enrolment and course consulting
  • Student loan
  • Career consulting
  • Mental support

Common services can be found such as medical assistance, mental support, career consult, job finding, security, student loan,… Remember to take full advantage of the student services to receive a safe and effective learning environment.

5. Scholarship and financial support

The study fees are high in America, however, depending on the institutes that you choose to study with can result in a big difference. Generally, universities are split into two different types in respect of school fees and forms of payment:

  • Low cost – a public university
  • Private institute & Ivy League

Students can receive different means of financial support, from hunting for a scholarship to getting access to student loans. Preparing a financial plan is key to avoiding any potential hassles.

Besides that, you can also consider choosing a different pathway to lower the cost while also adapting to America’s environment. It will assist students to equip themselves with essential skills to become proactive individuals and be ready for an independent life in America.

6. Orientation Week

Generally, most universities will operate an Orientation Week to welcome new students joining the force. This event is crucial for overseas students as this is an opportunity to:

  • Clearly understand the courses along with the student services offered to get a hold of the benefits that one can receive.
  • A chance to meet the lecturers and other students.
  • Receive Student Card and Logbook.
  • Double-check the course information and important dates.
  • Get instructions on the benefits of accessing to school library and computer.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose America as a destination to further your study. Vietnamese students not only experience one of the best education systems in the world but also get a chance to train themselves in an active, diverse and creative environment. With careful preparation and a good study result, studying in America will be a stable boost to a successful future.

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