Perks of studying abroad in the United Kingdom

A university degree in the UK is highly appreciated and can be a spotlight in your resume to build a future career in any country. This notion is demonstrated through these facts and figures, with a release of 14% academic papers cited and 5% science research works. These figures become more impressive when you learn that countries belonging to the UK are only 1% of the world population.

UK’s university is famous for talent nourishment in various fields and produced many highly influential people like Ernest Rutherford (father of nuclear physics) to Oscar Wilde (Irelander writer and screenwriter)

Choosing UK as a destination for your study benefits you financially, culturally, and socially. A short, intensive program means that you can pursue your career faster and cut down the living cost. The UK also offers a designated program to provide students with deductions and the opportunity to access cheaper public transport and stationery.

Common reasons to choose the UK as a destination to pursue your study.

1. Developed economy

UK’s economy is enormous. It ranked 6th in the world and has a stable economic growth rate even when the world’s economy is currently deteriorating. On the bottom line, organizations are still expanding and workers are still able to find a job.

2. Exceptional educating quality

The UK can satisfy the priorities of students and owns one of the first-rate universities in the world, including Cambridge and Oxford.

3. Trustworthy health care system

Not every country can offer a stable health care system. Very few countries own a National Health Service (NHS) like the UK. Legal residents can get access to a wide range of medical care free of charge. International students can access to NHS through purchasing Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). More information can be found in Health Advice and Services for International Students.

4. Explore multiculturalism in the UK

With various races, cultures, and a long, rich history, the UK is a place worth exploring.

5. Ideal geographic location

Located in an ideal location, UK students can easily take a trip to other countries for leisure purposes. From London, you can travel to other areas in Europe within a few hours. This adds another reason why this city is a wonderful tourist attraction.