Overview of studying abroad in Germany

Vietnamese students are getting more and more interested in the chance to get dual training in Germany. Along with their studies, students will have the opportunity to gain work experience at organizations that relate to their chosen field of study. This program not only helps students gain practical experience during their training, but it also gives them a solid foundation for building a career in Germany after they finish the course.

What makes Germany the best country to study Food Technology?

1. Simplified visa process: Due to the current labor demands in Germany, students have a number of opportunities to gain visas without having to pass the APS or TestAS.

2. Exciting job opportunities: Guarantees of employment at top German companies due to the high demand for labor. Students can also continue working for great companies after graduation.

3. Open Promotion Pathway: After graduation, students can easily pursue a bachelor’s or management degree through work-study. Some can even start their own business.

4. High-quality diplomas: Graduates will obtain diplomas from famous German vocational training institutions. These degrees are recognized in Germany, and in other EU countries.

5. “Dual” vocational training: The “dual” type of vocational training at German vocational colleges includes 50% of study time and 50% of practice time working in facilities. Students gain immediate hands-on experience with best practices.

6. No tuition fees during vocational training: In Germany, students who are enrolled in an apprenticeship are given a wage in addition to being exempt from all training expenditures (rent, food, etc.).

7. Opportunity to settle in Germany: Under German labor law, students are permitted to remain and work in Germany for an unlimited period after completing a vocational training program there.

8. Opportunity to access a European standard of living: Working in Germany will allow you to benefit from the nation’s strong positions in welfare, healthcare, technology, education, society, etc.