Since Australia owns a top-quality education system, plus the perk of geographic location, it is now becoming the ideal destination for many Vietnamese students. However, the living cost in Australia is generally higher than in the other countries, making the total cost becomes more expensive. This is one of the biggest concerns to family in a limited financial position.

To nourish talented students, the Government offers a wide range of scholarships with different values. Learn how to apply for one here:

Step 1: Research

You can find scholarships information on official websites of the Australian Government or Universities.

Australian Scholarships are divided into 3 different types:

Endeavour Programme – Linked scholarships managed by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. Detailed information

Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) – focus on nourishing talent of leaders, influential people to reform the policy and develop the social economy of the country as well as the Asia – Pacific area. Detailed information

Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) – contribute to the long-term development demand of Australia’s partner countries to advance effective country management, economic and social growth. Detailed information

With detailed information, you have a greater chance of successfully applying for a scholarship. Plenty of students have received full to half scholarship based on the information provided on Government’s website or from the University and Institute in Australia.

Step 2: Address your needs and strengths

Next step you should examine your strengths and what you need. What kind of scholarships are you looking for? With your ability, what requirements will suit you best? This reflection helps you avoid applying for scholarships that are beyond your ability since the success rate is low.

Carefully select and list scholarships that suit you and your ability. Then, continue to develop yourself to get more chances at receiving your desired scholarships.

Step 3: Prepare your Scholarship application

Different scholarship aims at different targets with different requirements. You need to fully understand each requirement of each type to prepare your application accordingly. Usually, you will need a different file for each case. Avoid sending the same application to different schools since each scholarship is unique in its requirements. Your application will be declined if you don’t fully understand this.

How can you put yourself in the spotlight among other applicants? You need to prepare the following documents

Enrolment Form

This is an unreplaceable document that the University will provide to you.

Personal Essay

The most important piece in your application because it shows your characteristics that make you stand out from other competitors, and why you should be receiving this scholarship. There are different ways to write this essay depending on the scholarship requirements and what you highlight will bring you the opportunity to get the scholarship.


English Certificates like IETLS, TOELF, or other similar certificates. This is the prerequisite to studying at any foreign university. Some institutes even ask for SAT/ACT. Preparing for these certificates is time-costing so you need to research beforehand to have a better preparation.

Latest Transcript

An exceptional transcript will leave a positive impression on the Committee. You will need to translate these documents into English and notarize it. Depending on the level of study, you will need to present your transcript accordingly.

Recommended Letter

Besides proof of your study capabilities, a recommended letter shows an objective view of your ability. This document gives the Committee an overview of your talent, skills, strengths, and characteristics that cannot be shown on transcripts. You can ask for this letter from your teacher, supported lecturer or your manager, colleagues at your workplace.

Step 4: Apply for Scholarship

After fully prepared, you need to submit it to the right place at the right time. Learn about the time to apply for your scholarship to avoid late submission. Based on experience, the sooner you apply, the faster your application gets processed which higher the chance of getting it.

Realistically speaking, there will be problems arising during the process of applying, so if this is your first time, contact ISA for detailed and careful assistance.