The American education system has always been in the world’s top 200 universities with outstanding teaching quality (more than 27 institutes). Along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America is one of the top choices and priorities of international students due to a large volume of full and half scholarships. With a long history of hunting scholarships for more than hundreds of students from High School to Undergraduate and Postgraduate, ISA will provide full assistance in finalizing scholarship application, and make your dream to study in America comes true at the most affordable and effective cost.

Then, what do you need to prepare?

1. Plan ahead

You need to research information on the country, institutes, fields of study beforehand. If you are planning to study abroad after completing high school, you should thoroughly research the country you intend to study in at least 1-2 years so you could achieve the most effective study plan.

Each individual has a different aspiration, academic profile, and financial capabilities, so one rule won’t apply for all. With experienced counselors and ex-international students who had been processing hundreds of successful applications, ISA will provide you full support from SAT/ACT and IELTS exam preparation, practice interviews 1 on 1 with English teachers and fix your admission essay. Free personal consultation for each individual from orientation, course consultation by providing you with tons of information and entry requirements, scholarships, competitive level… so you can pick the most suitable pathway for yourself.

2. Participate in Internation Student Community and Forums

After making a list of universities that you prioritize to apply for scholarships, you can join community and forums for international students to exchange and get tips from past students at your interested universities.

Students with experience will give you an overall picture of the institute by giving you information on admission criteria, learning environment, living conditions, and the Vietnamese community in the State that you’ll live in.

3. Prepare your scholarship application

Required documents include:

  • Scholarship application form: can be found on the school’s website
  • Transcript of the latest school year
  • English Certificate: IELTS, TOEFL, SAT/ACT…
  • Teacher Recommendation Letter
  • Personal Statement Essay
  • Resume, Extracurricular, Projects and Public Work Certificate
  • Interview with School Representative (if required)

Note: To apply for Scholarships, while an outstanding transcript is a must, you will also need to present other highlights. ISA Education Counselor will help you build an impressive profile to present to the School Admission.

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