With the goal of providing opportunities to study abroad at an optimal cost for Vietnamese students, ISA always strives to expand its network of connections with prestigious domestic and international educational institutions to contribute to the realization of this goal.

In 2023, one of ISA’s strategic partners will be Shorelight Education – a prestigious Education Group that has been associated with many leading public universities in the US. Attending Shorelight institutions, students will have the opportunity to experience a high-quality learning environment and be supported in finding job opportunities after graduation.

ISA has always aimed to provide a wide range of student support programs, from academics to social skills, to help students quickly integrate and develop at top US universities, which is done by a team of consultants and professionals that includes:

  • Academic Advisors who will stand by and assist students in choosing subjects.
  • The Student Welfare Officers who will work closely with students to provide comprehensive support for life issues.
  • Career Counselors who have experience in the field of career counseling will help students discover and understand themselves so they can choose the right major for their future career goals. Details here.