Get the opportunity to receive 70 – 100% Scholarship at the top Universities in the USA

Saturday, 15.04.2023
08:00 - 12:00
10 Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 12, Dist. 10, HCMC

Following the success of the study abroad events that took place and realizing the diverse needs of parents and students for information, ISA continued to organize the Study Abroad event “Hunting Scholarship of 70 – 100% of the Top Universities in the US” with the desire to meet students who wanted to learn about the process of studying in the US but still had problems with information.

Through this event, ISA, WASS, PennSchool, and Shorelight wish to provide comprehensive information related to study abroad programs in the US, such as level of study, major, prestigious universities, requirements. requirements, admission procedures, costs or financial support, scholarship programs and post-graduate internship opportunities, etc.

Scale of the event

100 – 200 people

Contents of programs

The study abroad seminar “Hunting Scholarships for 70 – 100% of Top US Universities” is an event organized by ISA in collaboration with WASS and PennSchool, with the participation of representatives of the top seven universities in the United States – Shorelight Education Corporation. This is a reputable educational institution that has affiliations with many leading public universities in the US.

  1. Why should you choose to study in the US?
  2. What documents do US students need?
  3. Hunting for scholarships to 7 top universities in the US


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